Here's why playing chess is worth your while

Chess is a very challenging yet fun game. It requires strategy and certain skills but could be very addicting. It has been played for centuries. In the past, it was a favorite past time for intellectuals and scholars. Playing chess does need a certain level of intelligence, but it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. To learn how to play the best and most traditional board game, read on the article.

Knowing The Basics

Start learning how to play chess by familiarizing with the pieces on the board and the moves it can make. Each type moves differently; the pawn could move forward in two spaces at most at the start of the game, but it can only move another space after. It cannot move backward and can only attack opponents diagonally. The rook, which looks similar to a castle tower, moves vertically and horizontally as far as the vacant spaces that are available. The knight, which looks like a horse, can only move in an L-shaped manner. He can only attack the pieces that on the places he gets settled in. The bishop, shaped like a hat of a bishop, can move freely. The most powerful one is the queen, which could move and attack in any direction. The king, on the other hand, can only move and attack in a single space every time. Losing the king means losing the game so you have to do everything to protect it.

Next, you should know what "check" means. This happens when your king is in danger of being possessed by your opponent. You must move it out of danger if you want to stay on the game. Here, the main goal is to capture the king of your enemy while protecting yours. This could be accomplished by capturing as many pieces of your enemy as you can. It is ultimately the reason why chess is a game of strategy.

Setting Up The Board

All pawns go on the second row from your side of the board. They act as your first wall of defense. Both rooks are positioned on the opposing end of the board and each knight is positioned beside them. The bishop then is placed beside the knight. The queen takes up the position that matches her color then the king is placed beside her. The king and queen's position should be in opposite to that of your competitor.

How To Play

The person with the white pieces starts the game. A safe thing to do would be to move your pawns with only 2 moves at most and concentrate on the more valuable pieces. It is better to develop your own style and always remember to always think ahead every time you move a piece.